Turnkey Adult Site

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You may have found us looking for porn.  If that’s the case, don’t leave just yet.  We’ve got something even more exciting than virtual sex to offer you: your own turnkey adult site.  What we’re really trying to say here is, why pay for porn when others can be paying you for it?  If you love the adult entertainment industry, then why not be a part of it?  That’s just one of the benefits of owning a turnkey adult site.

What is a turnkey adult site?  Well it’s the same thing you’ve been looking at every night; it’s a bright and attractive X-rated site packed with hot porn stars and amateur cuties doing the kind of things that make even conservative men shiver.  The only difference is that this site is yours.  Owning a turnkey adult site offers all the perks of looking at one and several more.

Whereas other porn sites focus on taking your money, your turnkey adult site focuses on making you money.  For an incredibly low purchase price, you can own your own turnkey adult site in as little as three business days.  We don’t gouge you with startup costs or try to hit you with hidden fees.  Instead, we take a small share of the profits to cover our overhead costs.  After the initial purchase, you’ll never pay us out of pocket again.  Once you buy one of our turnkey adult site packages, we become partners, which means that your success is ours and vice versa.

If all this feel-good partnership talk doesn’t interest you, then maybe some numbers will.  How do you like 80%?  That’s your percentage of the gross revenue, and it’s paid directly to you via check or deposit four times a month.  Many of our successful turnkey adult site owners get their investment back in their first check and then some.  From there on out, your payments are pure profit. 

Don’t let all this talk about business and ownership scare you either.  When we say “turnkey” adult site we mean it.  Our packages include the design template and all the scorchingly hot sexual content you need to get and keep your customers’ attention, but they also include the initial programming and ongoing maintenance required to keep an adult site running well.  We even include payment processing, so there’s never a problem or delay in collecting money from willing members.

Your part of the bargain is simple.  When it comes to owning a turnkey adult site, more is always better.  We handle our end of that statement by keeping your content fresh and plentiful, but we need you to find the customers that want to see it.  It isn’t hard; millions of porn site viewers are online and looking for action even as you read this article.  You found us, and it’s that easy for you to get customers to your own turnkey adult site.  If you don’t want to worry about slow gains in the first months of growth, we’ve got the services to back you up and can guarantee traffic of up to and over a million hits.