Turnkey Adult Web Sites

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If you are an avid consumer of adult entertainment, then you should really consider using your knowledge of the adult entertainment industry to turn a profit with your own turnkey adult web sites.  While our turnkey adult web sites make owning a business easy, a real understanding of the industry can take your profits from good to out of this world.

Viewing adult websites is all about personal pleasure, and we here at believe that owning an adult website should be just as gratifying.  That’s why our turnkey adult web sites are designed with regular people like you in mind.  We like porn; who doesn’t?  But why settle with paying for it when you can own it?  To many fans of the adult entertainment industry, having your own adult website sounds like a dream, but our turnkey adult web sites packages make that dream a reality.
We provide our turnkey adult web sites with everything.  Not just a template design but all the smut any sex addict could ever hope to see in one place and with quality above and beyond the industry standard.  And not just a website but the support services required to keep it running fast and smooth so that nothing interferes with customer satisfaction.  The only thing we need from you is a small investment to show your commitment and time.  That might make it sound like a job, like serious work, but the truth is that it isn’t. 

The time we require from you is in the form of promotion for your turnkey adult web sites.  It’s the type of work that can only benefit you, as marketing is key toward driving traffic, and traffic is key toward driving profits.  The good news is that this product practically sells itself.  Millions of adult consumers are surfing the web now.  Their demands are simple; they just want to see some sexy models get naked and enjoy themselves.  Your turnkey adult web sites have what they’re looking for; they just need to know where to find it. 

This is where your knowledge of the adult industry becomes valuable.  Very valuable.  You get 80% of your turnkey adult web site’s gross revenue, which means every new member that joins represents $23.97 straight to your bank account.  If that number doesn’t impress you, then look at the bigger picture.  A low estimate of site traffic in your first month is 200 to 300 hits a day.  If you can convert just 1% of those hits (only two people a day) every day of the month, your share of the gross revenue at the end of the month is over $1400.  That’s more than twice your initial investment!

Our other successful turnkey adult web sites buyers will tell you that the time and effort you put into marketing your site is directly proportionate to your profits from it.  And the best part is that with a good marketing plan that time might be as little as an hour or two a day.  As with any other product, it’s all about location location location.  What that means is that you want to get your site’s ads wherever they will be seen and responded to.  All of our turnkey adult web sites come with a marketing center that can point you in the right direction and provide you with additional services that can put your site at the top of search results and guarantee traffic in the tens of thousands or more.
If being a business owner appeals to you, but long hours and high stress don’t, amazing potential and profitability of turnkey adult web sites.